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In 1995, a group of petlovers began transforming a dream into reality. After 2 years of intense research and the dedication of dozens of people, the first brand of Super Premium foods produced in Brazil is born: the PremieRpet® brand.

Since then, PremieRpet® has constantly reaffirmed its position as an expert in nutrition for pets, with very high quality products and constant innovation. The quality of the PremieRpet® products and services is unquestionable and has contributed to form an image of uniqueness. Today, it is recognized in the market for the seriousness and ethics with which it treats every aspect of the manufacturing and commercialization of its products.
PremieRpet®’s mission is to make people’s relationships with their pets as close, pleasant and long as possible. Only a company that specializes in nutrition for pets knows how to make this happen.

  • HIGH QUALITY FOODS: PremieRpet® produces only Super Premium and Premium foods with superior nutritional levels. The formulation of the products is not subject to change, which guarantees constant quality, without the use of substitute ingredients.
  • INNOVATION: From its founding day, PremieRpet® has always invested in research and development of new products. PremieRpet® was the first company in the world to release the Raças Específicas (Specific Breeds) line, the first to release the Ambientes Internos (Indoors) line and the first to offer a product with 2 flavors that can be alternated without the need for an adaptation period.
  • FOCUS: PremieR works only with petfood, that’s our business. That makes PremieRpet® an expert with unique knowledge.
  • SATISFACTION OF OUR CLIENTS: All the products in the Super Premium line have an 110% guarantee and 100% for the Premium line. Only a company that trusts the quality of its products can be this sure about offering these guarantees.


The PremieRpet® office is located in the neighborhood of Vila Olímpia in São Paulo. Our marketing, financial and market intelligence departments work together to deliver what’s best and most modern in all sectors to our clients.

Premium Or Super Premium

All foods will feed animals, but not all help to maintain health, quality of life and beauty because they don’t have the same properties. What changes in these categories?

  • Comparative Chart
  • Premium foods in Brazil


Premium/Premium Special

Super Premium

Origin The 70's decade The 80's decade The 90's decade (PremieRpet® was the Pioneer producing in Brazil)
Minimal More complete and balanced formulas with nutritional levels above the recommended minimum More complete, concentrated formulas with optimal nutritional levels
Ingredients Low cost and low quality ingredients Good quality nutritional raw materials Maximum quality raw materials and special ingredients that promote extra health benefits
Formula Variable Non-variable Non-variable
Consumption, absorption and volume of stools High consumption, low absorption and poorly-formed stools in large amounts Intermediate consumption, good absorption and smaller, firm, easy-to-pick up stools Smaller consumption between the categories, maximum absorption and smaller, firm, easy-to-pick up stools
Focus Low cost Cost-benefit Promotes health, longevity and quality of life

The first industrialized foods that showed up in Brazil in the 1970s were the products that are currently referred to as “combat line”. Although they’ve been around for a long tim, they conserve the same characteristics: minimal nutritional levels, low cost, low quality ingredients, variable formula (which means that in the absence of one of the ingredients, or the rise in its price, the manufacturers replace it with another of similar quality, which can cause diarrhea, in addition to the bad digestion of the food) and vegetable sources of protein and fat.

The combat line is commercialized mainly in non-specialized channels (supermarkets for example) at extremely accessible prices. However, they are foods of a low nutritional density, making the animal ingest larger quantities to feel satisfied and get the minimal needed ingredients out of the product, which presents a disadvantageous cost-benefit ratio.

In the 1980s, more elaborate products appeared, known as the Premium type, with higher nutritional levels than the combat variety, more palatable (tastier) and with a bit more rigor in quality control and raw materials. Nevertheless, it followed the same nutritional philosophy of the variable formula and was made up mostly of ingredients of vegetable origin. In addition, differentials such as colorants and artificial "culinary" flavorings were introduced besides formats that aimed to be pleasing only to the eyes of the owners of cats and dogs, without adding any nutritional value to the food.

The Super Premium foods date from the 1990s, and PremieRpet® was a pioneer in launching this line in Brazil. It presents the most recent nutritional advances and modern production technology adding high quality ingredients, in addition t nutritional supplements which offer more quality of life to the animal in the long term, and consequently more longevity. They are mainly sold through the specialized channels (veterinary clinics, pet shops and pet food stores), present high nutritional value and focus on the quality of ingredients and performance of animals in the diverse stages of life. The Super Premium foods present a better cost-benefit ratio because they provide high digestibility and energetic density allowing for high nutritional quality, besides a smaller ingestion of food. In addition to this, they reduce the risk of nutritional disease throughout the lives of dogs and cats.

Did you know?

Super Premium foods present the highest levels of nutrition, covering not only the minimum nutritional requirements set forth by the Conselho de Nutrição Animal do NRC (National Research Council) and the AAFCO, but also the most demanding physiological conditions, such as reproduction, training and the recovery of pathological conditions of dogs and cats. The optimal nutritional levels must be balanced between the minimum and maximum nutritional levels as presented by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials); These levels are determined by live research, that seek optimal coat conditions, muscle development and above all, optimal performance in reproduction and the immune system.